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the comfort she deserves

Give your mother the comfort she deserves with TIMEZ5 Prayer Mat


introducing the world's first physiological prayer mat

its 5 layer system helps reduce her pain, improve posutre and gives her a boost of energy

  • 1microfiber
    cool & hygienic
  • 2absorption
    absorbs body weight 
  • 3transfer
    adaptive transfer grid
  • 4bearing
    weight resistance
  • 5micro-grip
    prevent movement
TIMEZ5 a perfect gift from mother to daughter

space technology she will love you for

originally used to keep astronauts comfortable and now here to keep your mother comfortable

TIMEZ5 provides 62% pain knee pain relief in 30 daysknee pain
relief in 30 days

experience the difference

once you start using a TIMEZ5 prayer mat you'll never go back.
79% of our customers always travel with their mat no matter where they go

  • fabric mat

  • this is what you have been using all your life

  • kneeling position

  • graph

  • 75% more knee pain

  • padded mat

  • here is what you were made to believe will help

  • kneeling position

  • graph

  • 73% more knee pain

  • medical mat

  • …and this is what actually gets results

  • kneeling position

  • graph

  • 63% less knee pain

loving your mother forever

a gift to your mother is an everlasting spark of love.
see what other mothers have to say about TIMEZ5 prayer mat

  • Um Hassan TIMEZ5 Testimonial

    "My sister bought one after her physiotherapist recommended it after her knee surgery. She has been using it since and has seen remarkable results. She later bought one for me as a gift for Ramadan"

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  • Um Ahmed TIMEZ5 Testimonial

    "My son had found the TIMEZ5 prayer mat online and introduced me to it and my friend already had one and highly recommended it. By surprises I found it in my room as my son Ahmed bought it for me"

    Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

  • Um Abullah TIMEZ5 Testimonial

    "I got this as a gift from my daughter as she saw me unable to kneel properly one night after isha prayers. The TIMEZ5 prayer mat has since changed my life as I can pray without pain any more"

    Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

  • Um Maryam TIMEZ5 Testimonial

    "I first received the TIMEZ5 prayer mat as a gift from my daughter for mothers day last year, and now I bought one for every member of my family so we all can pray with less pain"

    Kuwait, Kuwait