Join 100,000 Muslims who are easing their neck pain

decrease neck pain
when praying

100,000 Muslims have
decreased their neck pain

do you suffer daily from...

  • neck stiffness
  • headache
  • dizziness



have been diagnosed with...

  • spinal problem
  • sports injury or whiplash
  • arthritis

Prevent neck aches while standing with TIMEZ5 Prayer Mat


neck aches

while standing

Avoid neck stiffness when bending with TIMEZ5 Prayer Mat


neck stiffness

when bending

Eliminate neck pain while prostrating with TIMEZ5 Prayer Mat


neck pain

during prostration

chronic neck pain affects almost 2 out of 10 of muslims

poor posture, long working hours at a desk, not sleeping correctly and sudden jerking has caused common physical challenges we all face

5 Postures


of muslims have long-lasting neck pain


of muslims actively seek treatment

meet the world's first physiological prayer rug

its 5 layer system reduces pain, increases posture support and gives you extra energy

  • 1microfiber
    cool & hygienic
  • 2absorption
    absorbs body weight
  • 3transfer
    adaptive transfer grid
  • 4bearing
    weight resistance
  • 5micro-grip
    prevent movement
  • support

    A prayer mat that provides support and improves body posture

    improve body

  • relief

    A prayer mat that provides relieft from stifness, pain and pressure

    reduces pain, stiffness
    and pressure

  • energy

    A prayer mat that increases energy and focus

    increases energy
    and focus

  • hygienic

    A prayer mat that has a clean and cool surface

    clean and
    cool surface

  • anti-slip

    A prayer mat that provides no movement while praying

    no movement
    while praying

sense the difference

neck pain will no longer prevent you from praying.
1 out of 5 customers use the TIMEZ5 prayer mat to relieve their spine after prayer

  • fabric mat

  • this is what you have been using

  • Fabric are typical prayer mats with no health benefits

  • Fabric mats give 56% more neck pain than TIMEZ5 prayer mat

  • 56% more neck pain

  • padded mat

  • this is what you believe will help you

  • Padded prayer mats only give an illusion of pain relief

  • Padded mats give 54% more neck pain than TIMEZ5 prayer mat

  • 54% more neck pain

  • medical mat

  • this is what actually gets results

  • The TIMEZ5 Prayer mat gets you results with neck pain relief

  • TIMEZ5 prayer mat gives 71% less neck pain than all other prayer mats

  • 71% less neck pain

customer experience

find out what our customers think about TIMEZ5 products

Ahmed Al-Mutairi

"I have been going to physiotherapy for 8 months and my doctor recommended the TIMEZ5 prayer mat for my treatment. My progress has dramatically improved"

Ahmed Al-Mutairi
Kuwait, Kuwait

Rana Mustafa

"Last Ramadan I got the TIMEZ5 prayer mat, and then my Husband and two daughters took it from me and would never let me touch it again."

Rana Mustafa
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Ehab Mustafa

"I have arthritis for 12 years and have having trouble praying from knee pain. I learned about the TIMEZ5 prayer mat from my cousin"

Ehab Mustafa
Cairo, Egypt

Abdulla Zaabi

"My father had a sports injury last year. He was unable to pray then his doctor recommended the TIMEZ5 prayer mat"

Abdulla Zaabi
Abu Dhabi, UAE