TIMEZ5 Luxury Prayer Mat and Prayer Rug for Knee Pain Relief

the world’s first

physiological prayer mat

Nextcertified technology



5 layer technology from TIMEZ5 provides an energy boost and pain relief

  • 1microfibersoft, cool & hygienic

  • 2absorptionabsorbs body weight 

  • 3transferadaptive weight transfer grid

  • 4bearingweight counter resistance

  • 5micro-gripprevent slippage & movement

TIMEZ5 relives pain while praying

1an unparellel experience that relives pain while praying

TIMEZ5 gives you a boost of energy while praying

2endurance with a boost of energy while praying

TIMEZ5 provides total comfort that supports your posture

3immerse yourself in total comfort that supports your posture

  • protect
  • protects your respiratory the Cronogenic technology protects your respiratory system by disinfecting and protecting against fungus, dust and bacteria

  • NASA Space Foundation
  • NASA certified technology

  • originally used to protect NASA astronauts now here to protecting you while praying

experience the difference

once you start using a TIMEZ5 prayer mat you'll never go back.
79% of our customers always travel with their mat no matter where they go

  • fabric mat

  • this is what you have been using all your life

  • Fabric Mats give 75% more knee pain

  • Fabric mat pain and pressure graph

  • 75% more knee pain

  • padded mat

  • here is what you were made to believe will help

  • Padded Mats give 73% knee pain and aren't any better

  • Padded mat pain and pressure graph

  • 73% more knee pain

  • medical mat

  • …and this is what actually gets results

  • TIMEZ5 gives you 63% less knee pain and relief

  • TIMEZ5 prayer mat pain and pressure graph

  • 63% less knee pain

customer experience

find out what our customers think about TIMEZ5 products

Ahmed Al-Mutairi

“I have been going to physiotherapy for 8 months and my doctor recommended the TIMEZ5 prayer mat for my treatment. My progress has dramatically improved”

Ahmed Al-Mutairi
Kuwait, Kuwait

Amir Hussein

“After Umrah last year I have been trying to improve my spirituality. The prayer rug is so comfortable it has helped me focus more”

Amir Hussein
Geneva, Switzerland

Ehab Mustafa

“I have arthritis for 12 years and have having trouble praying from knee pain. I learned about the TIMEZ5 prayer mat from my cousin”

Ehab Mustafa
Cairo, Egypt

Abdulla Zaabi

“My father had a sports injury last year. He was unable to pray then his doctor recommended the TIMEZ5 prayer mat”

Abdulla Zaabi
Abu Dhabi, UAE