prayer time service

a spark of desire, an instilled state of hope
and an everlasting sense of inspiration

get prayer time

TIMEZ5 prayer time app, get your accurate world prayer times on a visually inspiring interface

TIMEZ5 Prayer Mat

scan and pray

in 3 easy steps scan, find and pray and
don't miss another prayer without
comfort and accuracy.

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multi platform

no hassle, no configuration and
no downloads required. Just
your desktop, tablet or mobile.

The TIMEZ5 multi platform prayer app provides prayer times for all major cities on desktop, tablet and mobile

The TIMEZ5 prayer app is visually designed to make it easier to get accurate prayer times on all major mobile devices

visual & beautiful

visually coded design to make prayer
time more appealing, easier and
quicker to understand.

prayer time12/24 h

prayer labelfijr|duhr|asr|magrib|isha

iconic coding

color coding

Get fijr|duhr|asr|magrib|isha prayer times for cities around the world

mood walls

inspiring mood walls designed
to boost your spirits and keep
you focused.


TIMEZ5 Different Background

TIMEZ5 Different Background


automatically detect and remember
your location with total accuracy for
+1300 cities globally.

TIMEZ5 auto location helps locate your city and provide accurate prayer times when and where you need them

TIMEZ5 prayer app gives you complete control over which prayer time format you prefer on using to get accurate prayer times

total control

your in total control. choose
your time format and prayer
calculation preferences.

TIMEZ5 Different Background

get prayer time

TIMEZ5 prayer app works on an all apple devices from macs, iphone 6,iphone 6 plus and macbook pro's with retina visuals