Ritual Set

The ritual set has your devotional indulgence essentials. The set comes with the: prayer mat, prayer mat cover, prayer bead pouch, and Quran wrap protector.

$453  $566 

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Nightfall Ritual Set 

This set is designed to inspire your hearts deepest desires when praying. The Nightfall collection set is a dark midnight purple on the front and a deep royal night blue color on the back. It is made of a unique double-sided fabric, with Spanish Mulk suede on the exterior and soft French velvet on the interior.

NOTE: Beads and Quran not included.



  • TIMEZ5 prayer mat relieves pain, improves posture and boosts energy
  • Protects your prayer mat, prayers beads, and Quran
  • Lightweight yet luxurious luscious durable fabric 



  • Set is, Bi-color, front is midnight purple, back is dark royal night blue
  • Size: 120 x 70 cm prayer mat, 130 x 80 cm prayer mat cover, 11 x 25 cm prayer bead drop pouch, 36 x 24 cm Quran wrap protector
  • Weight: 6 KG


Country of Origin: CANADA