TIMEZ5 prayer mat

The world's first physiological prayer mat relieves pain, improves posture and boost energy


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Prayer Mat

The world's first physiological prayer mat relieves pain, improves posture and boost energy

The TIMEZ5 physiological prayer mat is a NASA space certified technology product. It uses a 5-layer system with the following layers. A hygienic microfiber surface to keep you soft, cool and clean. A weight absorption layer to relieve pain, and to support your posture. A weight-mass transfer grid to customize pressure relief, to your position, and posture. A bearing layer to prevent ground resistance. An anti-slip bottom to prevent slipping while praying or meditating.



  • Relieves pain like reducing knee, neck or back pain
  • Reduces muscle stiffness, aches, and pains
  • Improves posture support by increasing blood flow
  • Increases energy and giving more mental focus



  • TIMEZ5 Polyionic hydrogel composite, and a Chronogenics antimicrobail surfacing.
  • Size: 120 x 70 x 2 cm
  • Weight: 1.35 KG


Country of Origin: CANADA






Super comfortable prayers like nothing else

Ahmad Khan, UK

  • 5 times a day
  • knee pain relief
  • using for 12 months

My cousin was visiting Dubai and bought the TIMEZ5 prayer mat as a gift for me knowing I had knee problems.  The first time I tried it I fell in love with how it works and the comfort is unreal.  Most important is my knee pain is much less, and I can spend more time doing my Namaz.  It feels like I'm floating on clouds while I'm praying and I love the design.


I cannot pray without the TIMEZ5 prayer mat

Bassam Jamal, France

  • 5 times a day
  • knee pain relief
  • using for 3 months

I learned about this NASA space technology prayer mat on Instagram and started to research about TIMEZ5.  I then took the risk of purchasing it and have been very happy ever since.  My mother, father and I use it together all the time.  We are planning to buy a couple more for home, and we intend to go to Hajj next year and will be taking the TIMEZ5 prayer mat with us on the trip inshallah. 


Unbelievable comfort and total knee pain relief 

Mohammed Al Murri, Kuwait

  • 3 times a day
  • knee pain relief
  • using for 6 months

I suffered from knee pain after a sports injury when I was a teenager and have had trouble praying ever since.  When I first learned about this prayer mat, I could not believe the claims.  Then I bought it and tried it, and I loved it.  I have since bought the mat as a gift for six family members until today and plan to buy more.  This prayer rug is excellent for people who have had an injury and even those who are involved in sports or regular physical activities. 


Changed my life from the first time I used it

Eman Saleh, USA

  • 4 times a day
  • Knee and back
  • using for 4 months

I first did not believe this was possible, and then I tried it at my friends' house, and I never went back again.  Once you start to use this you seriously will never use another prayer mat again.  in fact it inspires me to want to pray on time, and more every day.  I'm planning to purchase another one to keep at my office.


Cannot go back to a regular prayer mat after using this.

Amal Abdulla, UAE

  • 4 times a day
  • Overall pain
  • using for 8 months

I bought this for my mother for mothers day.  Shortly after seeing my mom's ability to kneel again while praying I bought one for myself and had gifted the TIMEZ5 prayer mat to three other friends ever since.