TIMEZ5 bag

Soft, lightweight canvas bag with shoulder strap and leather handles made for your TIMEZ5 prayer mat


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Soft, lightweight canvas bag with shoulder strap and leather handles made for your TIMEZ5 prayer mat.

The TIMEZ5 Bag is a lightweight, ultra soft and durable travel bag custom fit for the TIMEZ5 prayer mat. The bag is made of high-density canvas with leather trimmings like its handle, and zipper gripping’s. The bag has two side pockets to conveniently carry small items like a mobile phone, stationary, a passport or boarding pass. The bag's durable canvas fabric is ideal for travel and easy to store on board as carry-on luggage. It also can be checked-in for air travel convenience.



  • Lightweight and durable
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Two end pockets for storing small items
  • Leather handles, and zipper gripping’s



  • Color:  Charlton Brown
  • Size: 80 x 20 cm
  • Weight: 0.5 KG


Country of Origin: CANADA






I had to accessorize this piece of beauty

Sarah Al Mulla, UAE

  • 5 times a day
  • Overall pain
  • using for 8 months

I love to Accessorize things I like the most.  I bought the prayer mat and did not expect to travel with it until I had a family vacation after three months and needed to take it with me.  So I accessorized and got myself the bag.  A very convenient well finished fashion piece, and it helps me ensure I get my TIMEZ5 prayer mat with me everywhere I go.


GET THE travel pack, don't buy the bag alone.

Hana Abu shakra, USA

  • 5 times a day
  • Overall pain
  • using for 12 months

Don't make the same mistake I did.  Get the travel pack which is a great deal where you get the bag and the prayer mat together.  I originally bought the prayer rug to pray at home then, I needed to travel with my family and wanted to take the prayer mat with me.  I could have jammed it into my luggage, but then I wanted to take care of the prayer mat.  So I bought the bag separately and noticed I could have got the travel pack which includes the mat and bag at once.  So get the travel pack a much better value and the bag is beautiful.


I love to travel, I love to pray, and I love my comfort

Ahmad Ali, Canada

  • 5 times a day
  • Overall pain
  • using for 18 months

OK so, I bought the prayer mat first, and then decide to test it out.  A mindblowing experience, and an even more mindblowing company behind this product.  Seriously if you have not read about the story behind this company do so before buying, and you will get what this is all about.  So back to my story, I got the prayer mat, I tried, loved it and could not use another prayer mat again.  However, I travel quite a bit for work, and I try to be as light as possible.  So I got the bag a few months after I bought the mat and now take it with me on all my business trips.  Seriously, you will love it.... 


YOUR best Umrah companion.

Umm Mohammed, Saudi Arabia

  • 5 times a day
  • Overall pain
  • using for 4 months

My family and I all have bought the TIMEZ5 prayer mat and use it all the time at home.  We love it, and you will never want to use another prayer mat again.  My family and I were planning our fourth family umrah trip ever, and we had to take the prayer mat with us.  So I logged into the TIMEZ5 website and guess what, they had the solution.  I bought 6 bags for all my family members and gave it to them as a pre-umrah gift.  They loved it, and we all travel with our TIMEZ5 prayer mats.  It helped enhance our experience, and we love it. 


A bundle of comfort and joy in a BAG!

Manal Lootah, UAE

  • 5 times a day
  • Overall pain
  • using for 6 months

I loved the design of the BAG.  So I bought it and moved around with it in the bag.  A senior member of our family was hosting a dinner one night, and she had severe knee problems.  So I brought the TIMEZ5 prayer with the bag to the gathering.  For one hour they all kept guessing what was inside and I promised something they had not seen before.  We pulled it out, and I let everyone try it.  They loved it, and they all wanted the beautiful bag with it.  The bag is a really nice accessory.