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your TIMEZ5 prayer mat

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muslim travelers

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take your TIMEZ5 prayer mat with you everywhere

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take your essentials wherever you go

Quran   Beads   Passport
quran   beads   passport
Mobile   Ticket   Slipper
mobile   ticket   slippers

TIMEZ5 bag

product description

Inspired by the space-age materials used in the TIMEZ5 prayer mat, the TIMEZ5 bag is crafted from, ultra-soft lightweight canvas with shoulder strap and soft chestnut brown leather handles. This bag features two convenient side pockets with zippers for storage with our custom logo-embossed leather-covered signature.


TIMEZ5 travel pack

bag with prayer mat

TIMEZ5 Travel Pack
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TIMEZ5 bag

ultra-soft lightweight
canvas bag

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TIMEZ5 prayer mat

world’s first physiological prayer mat

TIMEZ5 Prayer Mat
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