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How to buy a good medical prayer mat?


Tools and techniques to ensure you
purchase the right medical prayer mat


  • 1 Physical tests
  • 2 Manufacturer tests
  • 3 Price of medical prayer mats
  • 4 Is a medical prayer mat good for me?

It is vital to understand what a medical prayer mat is. In the previous sections, we have established what it is, whom it is for, and why it is important. Often, dishonest manufacturers use cushioning deception and false qualifications to trick customers. Here are some proven tricks and tips to ensure you don't get fooled into buying a counterfeit or harmful medical prayer mat.

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Physical tests
There are five consumer tests to determine if your medical prayer mat is suitable for usage or just a counterfeit being positioned to you as a medical device. Use the test scorecard below to keep score when making your purchasing decision. Below, the scorecard is the details of each test.

score card

circleBottom out test

Bottom out test

This test aims to see if the cushioning is durable or not.


1. Sit on the mat.

2. Cross your legs.

3. Cross you hands.

4. Sit in the same place.

5. Do this for 5 minutes.






circleRoad bump test

Road bump test

This test aims to see if the mat has uneven support.


1. Stand on the mat.

2. Stay in the same position for 2 minutes.

3. Push forward with the front of your foot.

4. Feel if the cushioning is even.






circleMat surfing test

Mat surfing test

This test helps you see how much the mat slips on a hard floor.


1. Stand with one foot on the mat and the other on floor.

2. Like a skateboard, pushing the mat forwards and backward with the other foot.






circleSleep test

Sleep test

This test aims to see if the mat can support your full body weight.


1. Lie on the mat with you back to the floor.

2. Stay there for 2 minutes.

3. Feel if the cushioning is even.






circleSpillover test

Spillover test

This test aims to determine the finishing quality and durability.


1. Stand on one foot at the edge of the mat.

2. Make sure your full weight is on the mat.

3. Step away and see if the cushioning exceeds the seams of the edge.





Manufacturer tests
There are four basic things you need to research about the producer of a medical prayer mat. These tests will help you determine if the product is of quality and will work or not.

score card

Additional Research
It is also wise to go online and check and further research the medical prayer mat and the manufacturer. Some things to think about are the following:

  • Check user reviews from genuine existing users.
  • Ask on their social media channels for others' feedback.
  • Ask a friend or family member who has used it before.
  • Check if the manufacturer is a registered company.

Price of medical prayer mats
Although the medical prayer mat product category is still relatively new, most of the products are counterfeit or of inferior quality. Many of those types of mats are positioned within pricing ranges to beat the price of the original products. Pricing is an indicator of quality, durability, and uniqueness of the product, so buyers need to be aware of such marketing tactics used by dishonest manufacturers.

The cost of purchasing non-genuine
medical prayer mats

the number of units

purchased before by a genuine
medical prayer mat


the amount spent

purchased before by a genuine
medical prayer mat


score card

More often than not, the low-cost medical prayer mats are used to target consumers on pricing only but not quality. To resolve this, as a user, you need to do your research and use the tools made available to you in this buyer's guide.

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Medical Prayer Mat Buyer's Guide
This guide has been designed to help consumers buying medical prayer mats make an educated decision. The medical prayer mat industry is a relatively new product category and is highly fragment. As this industry is still new consumers are being confused by dishonest manufacturers tricking them into purchasing non-functional or inferior products. This buyer's guide has tools, checklists, and tests any consumer can perform to determine if the product is real or not quickly.