Physical relief, spiritual focus and an uplifting experience

an unforgettable prayer and meditation experience

  • check reduce pain
  • check improve posture
  • check boost energy

you focus on prayer and we will
focus on keeping you comfortable

all you have to do is prayer or meditate
and you will get all the benefits...

better posture, better performance

cradles every move and supports every posture, providing relief from years of incorrect and unnatural positions reinforced by poor ergonomic environments


optimum pressure & stiffness relief

the mat adapts to your body, relieving pressure on your feet, heels, ankles, knees, hips and lower back - whether standing, bending, kneeling or prostrating.


pump up the energy

Your energy is boosted when pressure is reduced and support is induced.
Effective pressure relief and body support increase blood circulation thereby
improving mental and physical focus.


soft, cool
and hygienic

a soft and comfortable surface that keeps you cool with its heat resistance technology while its antimicrobial coding fights off bacteria and fungi.


keep stable,
keep balanced

Your safety and wellbeing is our priority. With our anti-slip base you will not shift or slip during prayer, even on hard surfaces like marble.


  • Ahmed

    "The TIMEZ5 prayer mat is an excellent mothers gift. It has helped my mother relieve her knee pain from our hard floors at home."

    -- Ahmed

  • Farah

    "When I use the TIMEZ5 prayer rug I never rush to complete my prayers. It also helps my mother have a more comfortable experience."

    -- Farah

  • Haneen

    "I saw how my father was suffering with back pain for years. I got it for him as a fathers gift for his birthday and he has never suffered again."

    -- Haneen

  • Sabahat

    "The TIMEZ5 prayer mat relieves my spinal disc pain and helped my mother prostrate after a surgery that prevented her from praying."

    -- Sabahat

  • Sabahat

    "I was searching for a unique Islamic gift for my mother as her praying timings are always on time and she suffered form knee pain"

    -- Amira