the best islamic gift

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they will never forget you for

whatever the occasion
get the perfect gift

make an everlasting impression for....




eid al-fitr

eid al-adha

islamic new year






home warming

neighbor welcoming



get well soon

speedy recovery

mothers / fathers day

give your loved ones
the gift of comfort

pain free prayers, and more energy

the TIMEZ5 prayer mat is a 5 layer system designed to help relieve pain, improve posture and boost energy giving total comfort while praying


have bought this
as a gift for their dad


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as a father gift idea

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make it special,
make it memorable..

one gift, 5 ways to make it
an unforgettable experience

  • write a note on the gift tag included with the product
  • include the travel bag so they can travel with it
  • leave as a surprise it in the place where they prayers
  • give it before prayer time at a calm time of the day
  • ship it without telling them its on the way

Why the TIMEZ5 prayer
mat is the best gift

an uplifting spiritual experience in a box

give your loved ones the gift of reduced pain, improved posture and
a boost of energy while praying. It is also an intimate, interpersonal
and thoughtful gift that will leave a lasting impression.

need a unique gift idea

getting a unique gift is hard; get a unique islamic gift is even harder

the TIMEZ5 prayer mat is a gift of comfort and an uplifting physical and spiritual experience you will be remembered for.