Medical Prayer Mat
Buyer's Guide


How do I help someone who needs a medical prayer mat?

We often seek unique gifts that provide a benefit and won’t just be sidelined or thrown away. Surprisingly, the average age of medical prayer mat users is 31 years. That said, 82% of the users above 55 years of age have the highest lack of adoption but require it the most.

Often, several myths or biases get in the way, and it's important to use facts to overcome them when helping others. Those myths are as follows:

  • It is not like my mat.
  • It looks different.
  • It feels different.
  • I don’t trust such claims.
  • It costs too much.

Getting a loved one to use a medical prayer mat isn't always easy. Like for any new product category, research and testing are important. Gifting such a tool is important, but ensuring the receiver understands what he or she is getting is equally important. Do spend time educating those for whom you purchase a medical prayer mat.

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Medical Prayer Mat Buyer's Guide
This guide has been designed to help consumers buying medical prayer mats make an educated decision. The medical prayer mat industry is a relatively new product category and is highly fragment. As this industry is still new consumers are being confused by dishonest manufacturers tricking them into purchasing non-functional or inferior products. This buyer's guide has tools, checklists, and tests any consumer can perform to determine if the product is real or not quickly.