Medical Prayer Mat
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What is a medical prayer mat?

Medical prayer mats are a type of medical device designed to manage stress by reducing pain, increasing posture support, and giving more energy to the user. The objective is to alleviate pain in the major pressure points, allowing for better blood circulation. Additionally, a medical prayer mat will support the skeletal muscle structure to improve posture and result in an elevation of energy in the body.

There have been four phases in the evolution of medical prayer mats. First, there were the basic padded mats re-positioned as medical, but they did not yield results. The second-generation mats were designed for pain management. For the third, technologies focused on improving posture and energy were used. The fourth generation has hygienic capabilities intended to protect the user from airborne diseases including bacteria, dust, and fungi.

Today, we have the fifth generation mats, which are hybrid and holistic medical prayer mats that combine the best of all evolutionary technologies.

TIP: Look for fifth generation medical prayer mats that combine all four areas of capabilities. The first of its kind is the TIMEZ5 physiological prayer mat.

A medical prayer mat can also be referred to as

  • Physiological prayer mat
  • Orthopedic prayer mat
  • Ergonomic prayer mat


Physiological Prayer Mat
Physiological Prayer Rug
Physiological Prayer Carpet
Orthopedic Prayer Mat
Orthopedic Prayer Rug
Orthopedic Prayer Carpet

Ergonomic Prayer Mat
Ergonomic Prayer Rug
Ergonomic Prayer Carpet
Medical Prayer Mat
Medical Prayer Rug
Medical Prayer Carpet


That said prayer mat is also replaceable by such terms as prayer rug, prayer carpet, and, in more traditional references:

  • Sajjāda
  • sajājīd
  • Musallah
  • namazlık
  • Jānamāz
  • jaênamaj


Physiological Sajjāda
Physiological sajājīd
Physiological Musallah
Physiological namazlık
Orthopedic Sajjāda
Orthopedic sajājīd
Orthopedic Musallah
Orthopedic namazlık

Ergonomic Sajjāda
Ergonomic sajājīd
Ergonomic Musallah
Ergonomic namazlık
Medical Sajjāda
Medical sajājīd
Medical Musallah
Medical namazlık


These reference cards are an excellent way to find, research, and analyze medical prayer mats on the market without getting confused in the process. Often, dishonest companies may use confusing terms, unsubstantiated claims, and different pricing levels to trick consumers.

There is no official medical prayer mat certification or certification body that researches and verifies manufacturing claims. Private research was conducted by organizations like TIMEZ5 Labs in conjunction with NASA, universities, and the medical community.


Prayer mat -- Typically, a mat is, first of all, useful; its primary purpose is to provide a clean place to pray on.

Prayer rug -- Typically, a rug is a vanity piece for display or light usage. A prayer rug may not be used as often as a prayer mat.

Prayer carpet -- A carpet is used in large areas like mosques or houses. Unlike rugs and mats, carpets aren't portable.

When selecting a prayer mat, there are four basic designs defined by two main approaches, directional and boundary-based. Furthermore, the main characteristics are determined by suggestive versus candid features.


A directional and explicit design provides a prominent directive design (mihrab).

Directional and implicit designs are suggestive of a single direction using patterns

Boundary and Finite designs have a definitive nature defined by its borders.

Boundary and infinite designs suggest a direction with endless patterns or lines

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Medical Prayer Mat Buyer's Guide
This guide has been designed to help consumers buying medical prayer mats make an educated decision. The medical prayer mat industry is a relatively new product category and is highly fragment. As this industry is still new consumers are being confused by dishonest manufacturers tricking them into purchasing non-functional or inferior products. This buyer's guide has tools, checklists, and tests any consumer can perform to determine if the product is real or not quickly.