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What is a medical prayer mat?

Stress management is essential for us all according to the type of lifestyles we lead today. We experience excessive stress that impacts our physiology. From spilling milk at the breakfast table in the morning to traffic jams and deadlines. They all add up and have a physiological effect on us.

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Medical prayer mats are stress management tools like stress balls, acupressure devices, or electronic massagers. They are here to take the stress away and hopefully keep as much of it away as possible.

Like any other device, it is important you get the right one and use it correctly. Misusage or poor quality tools can lead to more stress and even serious medical conditions.

So where does all this stress originate?
Stress comes from five primary sources that have a physiological impact on our health and wellness.

It is important to be aware of these sources of stress to identify, manage, and relieve such stress.

Do you understand how stress affects you?
More often than not, we believe stress is isolated, although it is ever-present in one's life.

stress situation

life of stress

Why is stress a surprise at times? All the little stressful moments in life add up and can affect us at any time, often triggered by small events.

What does stress have to do with a medical prayer mat?
We use many stress management tools and techniques but often don’t consider a prayer mat as a stress reduction tool.

A good medical prayer mat reduces physical stress, and this action, combined with spiritual practices, makes the medical prayer mat a holistic solution.

What happens beyond a medical prayer mat?
After intensive R&D by TIMEZ5 Labs, the term "physio-spiritual experience" was coined and attributed to the medical prayer mat.

This holistic and uplifting experience has been scientifically proven to make you more focused, confident, and physically stable.

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Medical Prayer Mat Buyer's Guide
This guide has been designed to help consumers buying medical prayer mats make an educated decision. The medical prayer mat industry is a relatively new product category and is highly fragment. As this industry is still new consumers are being confused by dishonest manufacturers tricking them into purchasing non-functional or inferior products. This buyer's guide has tools, checklists, and tests any consumer can perform to determine if the product is real or not quickly.