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MEDIA ALERT: TIMEZ5 Launchs new initiative, a new initiative launched today by TIMEZ5 Global Inc., is designed to inspire those aspiring to space by promoting space technology awareness. Designed for the moon, used on Earth is the initiative’s motto.


This program will help educate and create awareness around space technology and how it impacts our daily lives. The first project is about the contributions and impact of Muslims in space.


Nader Sabry CEO & Founder of TIMEZ5 said, “As a space-technology company, we hope to inspire others by showcasing the great leaps we have taken that impact our daily lives." He added, "our first campaign is based around what we know best: Muslims in space". 


About is an initiative by TIMEZ5 Global Inc. to inspire people to aspire to space, seeking a greater good and global peace through space technology. 


Space exploration can inspire our world’s youth to dream big and work with each other on a common mission for betterment of mankind, and improve daily life in their local communities by adapting the application of space technology to their local needs.  


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