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TIMEZ5 Global Inc., the creator of the world’s first physiological prayer mat is launching Muslim Physiology as a digital product. The course, launched physically in 2013, has seen an excessive demand across all 35 countries where the company operates. Popular demand and digital capabilities have shaped a new era for TIMEZ5, taking its know-how digital for global consumption.


Muslim Physiology tackles biomechanical and physiological issues, which is in good timing for Ramadan 2016 when Muslims spend more time praying. The online course is composed of seven (7) short segments designed with a simple philosophy of “A lifetime of balance in ONE MINUTE.” This helps users understand their own physical and spiritual well-being by tackling five (5) core issues within one minute each anytime and anywhere. TIMEZ5 is offering the $49 course for free throughout the month of Ramadan and Eid 2016.


After five years of R&D and four years of implementation, TIMEZ5 labs have made some important discoveries that have forever changed product development and how the company educates others about their own physio-spiritual well-being. Those game-changing discoveries shaping Muslim Physiology initially were:


   - Those who meditate vs. those who don’t possess different biomechanics
   - 92% of all products are not ergonomically designed for our physical well-being

   - Spirituality inspires physical well-being rather than physical well-being inspiring spirituality  

   - On a daily basis, 30 minutes of distributed physical activity is better than one hour at the gym

   - Ritual-based activities are 95% more likely to be consistent than planned activities


In 2015, 900 million Muslims suffered from some sort of knee problem ranging from acute to chronic. Knee problems are the primary driver behind physiological issues when praying, but the reality is that prayer is an excellent exercise for your knees. It is actually lifestyle habits, poor ergonomics, and stress (which happens to be felt the most when the knee does a 140-degree flection during prayer) that cause these issues. In fact, prayer helps the knee become more robust and flexible if managed properly, and it is one of the important segments of Muslim Physiology.


Findings show that females pray three times more then men yet experience seven times more pain. CEO and Co-Founder of TIMEZ5 Global Inc. Nader Sabry says, “Women are central to our Muslim Physiology program. In fact, our research and physical participation in the Muslim Physiology course matched 85% women attendees.” He further emphasized that “by 2025, Muslims will have an average of two lifestyle diseases per person.” These staggering findings are driving the need for Muslim Physiology and the development of ongoing support.


The company is rolling out the first phase of Muslim Physiology, which will be followed by several other digital tools. These tools will be diagnostic and interactive support mechanisms for Muslim Physiology users.


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