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Muslims are seeking a deeper spiritual experience this year.

TIMEZ5 launches the Muslim Physiology course as a digital product after years of excessive demand to help reach millions globally.

They are in the streets, using UBER and Google Maps to get to central and teach you how to GET2SPACE.

Converting barriers into life changing opportunities.

TIMEZ5, newest member of the space certification program kicks-off from the Kennedy Space Center alongside NASA’s Orion spacecraft launch

Get2space.com is a grass roots initiative to inspire youth, helping them become more space-technology aware and learn its impacts on our lives.

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company Information

TIMEZ5 is a NASA space certified technology company focused on health and wellness innovation. Its flagship product is the world's first physiological prayer and meditation mat recommended by physiotherapists and used by patients with neurological issues. TIMEZ5 delivers a physio-spiritual experience, which combines ancient medicine, leading technology and inspiring design.

company facts

Founded in 2013

Patented technology

Servicing 35 markets

NASA space certified technology

EPA approved technology

FDA compliant technology

GIES 2013 innovation award

GE MeMakers program

Global Entrepreneur program

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Amal Mansour

Head of Media Relations



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